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All Series 1 & 2 Eric Bloom Guitars are sold, only custom orders will be taken on an individual basis. Contact Eric if you would like to custom order a rare Eric Bloom Custom Guitar.

Eric Bloom Guitars

Legendary Rocker Eric Bloom, frontman for Blue Oyster Cult for more than 35 years, is known for the variety of unusual guitars he's played over the years, from his Renaldo Custom BOC-Logo shaped guitar, to his custom-airbrushed guitars, to his still-classic custom-made Gibson SG's. Some of these guitars are now on display at several Hard Rock Cafes around the world. Eric has always admired and acknowledged the artists who helped him create these great instruments.

Art Guitars
With his first series of Art Guitars an overwhelming success, Eric created Series 2 and now that has also sold out. Eric is open to custom orders, based on BOC's extensive catalog of songs.

Series 1 guitars
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Series 2 Guitar Preview
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