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The Art Series: "Inner World"

Eric has decided to create something special with the help of famed artist Philippe Renaudin. When Eric saw Philippe's work on display at the Nassau County Museum in the summer of 2005, a great partnership was formed.

The idea was to create one-of-a-kind guitars, each interpreting a different Blue Oyster Cult song. Already excited, but knowing how much work they were facing, Eric and Philippe painstakingly collaborated on each guitar, first on the art concepts, then the actual artwork with Eric following each step of the process as Phillipe did his craft.

Now the first Eric Bloom Guitars "Art Series" is done, 10 months in the making. These guitars play and sound as good as they look. Six one-of-a-kind guitars, six works of art. Play them, display them. Collect them.

Thanks to all who endeavored to buy these one-of-a-kind guitars. Contact Eric if you would like to custom order a rare Eric Bloom Custom Guitar.

The Build Process: Creating Playable works of Art.

Specifications: Art Series 1

The Artist: Philippe Renaudin

Custom Guitars:
The Reaper -- SOLD --
The Monster -- SOLD --
See You In Black -- SOLD --
Harverster of Eyes -- SOLD --
ME-262 -- SOLD --
Black Blade -- SOLD --

Reaper guitar
Monster guitar
See you in black guitar
Harvester of eyes guitar
me262 guitar
Black blade guitar